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You are on the biodynamic farm, organic, Zimarino Estate, on the Trabocchi Coast, the Natural Park of Punta Aderci!
Consuming a high - quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil is also crucial and especially for our health and that of our children.
A scented oil, bitter and spicy is richer in poly-phenols antioxidants and therefore always preferable to inexpressive or even defective oils.

Here you can enjoy most of all:

. almost unreal silence, which allows total relaxation
. contact with the gentle countryside of Abruzzi, in the beauty of all seasons
. pure nature, undisturbed wildlife that wanders in the olive groves and ... then, in the area:
. small villages set in green
. art and culture in every country in this area offers museums, palaces and beautiful churches, not to mention the archaeological sites
. fine dining restaurants and local products

Once again we give you our welcome!
and Nicola

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Glattfelder, piccolo negozio dove si incontrano i buongustai, nel cuore di St.Moritz, vende gli Oli "Masseria Don Vincenzo" di Vasto

Das kleine Geschäft im Herzen von St. Moritz ist ein Treffpunkt für Feinschmecker.
Eine Auswahl Vielzahl von Tee, Mischungen von Kaffee Haus und viele andere Köstlichkeiten, einschließlich Extra Virgin Olivenöl von hoher Qualität "Masseria Don Vincenzo" der Tenuta Zimarino. Die Spezialität des Hauses, im Jahre 1931 gegründet und ist iranischer Kaviar.

The small shop in the heart of St. Moritz is a gathering point for gourmets.
A choice variety of tea, mixtures of coffee house and many other delicacies including Extra Virgin Olive oil of high quality "Masseria Don Vincenzo" of the Estate Zimarino. The speciality of the house, founded in 1931, is Iranian caviar.

Friday, 23 December 2011

Virgin olive oil may help mitigate pancreatitis

Washington: Compounds found in virgin olive oil and fish may help alleviate symptoms of acute pancreatitis, a new study has revealed.

The researchers at the University of Granada Physiology Department evaluated the role of Mediterranean diet ingredients in the prevention and mitigation of cell damage.

Oleic acid and hydroxytyrosol, present in a particularly high concentration in virgin olive oil and n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids found in fish affect the cellular mechanisms involved in the development of acute pancreatitis, a disease of oxidative-inflammatory etiology.

Therefore, oleic acid and hydroxytyrosol can be considered potential functional ingredients, as they may prevent or mitigate this disease.

These scientists developed an in vitro experimental model that allowed them to evaluate how changes in the membrane fatty acid composition in vivo –caused by a change in the type of fat ingested– affect the ability of cells to respond to induced oxidative-inflammatory damage with cerulein (acute pancreatitis).

This is the first study to examine how fatty acids and antioxidants affect the cellular mechanisms that respond to local inflammation in the pancreas.
The University of Granada scientists evaluated the role of antioxidants from a preventive approach, that is, by using an experimental model in mice in which cell damage is induced after pretreatment with these nutritional components.

“There is increasing evidence that there are oxidative-inflammatory processes involved in the origin of chronic diseases and that diet plays an important role in such processes,” the author of this study, Maria Belen Lopez Millan said.

“The antioxidant (phenolic compounds) and antiinflammatory (omega-3 fatty acids) effects of diet components (nutrients and bioactive compounds) prevent/mitigate the pathological incidence of oxidative-inflammatory processes,” she added.

The study has been published in the journal Proceedings of the Nutrition Society.


Thursday, 15 December 2011

St. Moritz - Tasting at high altitude. Oils "Masseria Don Vincenzo" enhance the food prepared by Chef Kurt Röösli Hotel Waldhaus in Sils Maria

Executive Chef Reto Mathis, Executive Chef Kurt Roosli, Executive Chef Hans Nussbaumer, Executive Chef Mauro Taufer, Executive Chef Mattias Roock, Executive Chef Michel Dome, 
Executive Chef Salvatore Frequente

Executive Chef Reto Mathis, Executive Chef Kurt Roosli, Executive Chef Hans 
Nussbaumer, Executive Chef Mauro Taufer, Executive Chef Mattias Roock, Executive Chef Michel Dome, Executive Chef Salvatore Frequente
Gelato ai lamponi con Olio "Costa dei Trabocchi"monovarietale di Gentile di Chieti

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Alta Qualità, per la Tenuta Zimarino una scelta oltre gli Standard

"COSTA DEI TRABOCCHI", Olivenöl, extra, Abruzzen, 500ml.

Willkommen in der Welt von Extra Virgin Olive Oil in den Abruzzen, von hoher Qualität.

Wir sind ein kleines Unternehmen der Abruzzen, in einer Weise, die handgemacht und natürlich produziert ohne Zugabe von Öl mehr! Unsere Öle sind D.O.P. zertifiziert Teatine Colline.


Saturday, 3 December 2011

The tradition of Abruzzo of Extra Virgin Olive Oil High Quality together with the Scientific Research

The High Quality of Extra Virgin Olive Oil originates from the simultaneous control of many factors:
  1. environmental
  2. agronomic
  3. varietal
  4. quality of the olives at the time of collection and processing
    purely physical extraction technologies:
  • pressing
  • kneading
  • following extraction and separation
    accuracy in the preparation and conduct of operations, storage and bottling.
Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil "Masseria Don Vincenzo" is of exceptional quality and is also produced as part of the scientific research project in collaboration with the Milan Polytechnic, Department of Chemistry, Materials and Chemical Engineering "Giulio Natta".

Our unique method arises from the
"tradition" of the Abruzzi oil combined with scientific research.

Organic oils are excellent in terms of goodness and safety, and their beneficial effects on the body.

Thanks to its delicious intensity it will use less than half what you normally do, so taking in less fat and gaining pleasure and health.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil "Masseria Don Vincenzo" is full of scents thanks to its extraordinary organoleptic values. A good quality olive oil contains 100 to 250mg/Kg of polyphenols per liter.

From the olive grove "Masseria Don Vincenzo" we have also come to 600mg/Kg. Polyphenols play an important antioxidant, anti-cholesterol bad cholesterol (LDL), anti-aging, anticancer and antinfarct.