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You are on the biodynamic farm, organic, Zimarino Estate, on the Trabocchi Coast, the Natural Park of Punta Aderci!
Consuming a high - quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil is also crucial and especially for our health and that of our children.
A scented oil, bitter and spicy is richer in poly-phenols antioxidants and therefore always preferable to inexpressive or even defective oils.

Here you can enjoy most of all:

. almost unreal silence, which allows total relaxation
. contact with the gentle countryside of Abruzzi, in the beauty of all seasons
. pure nature, undisturbed wildlife that wanders in the olive groves and ... then, in the area:
. small villages set in green
. art and culture in every country in this area offers museums, palaces and beautiful churches, not to mention the archaeological sites
. fine dining restaurants and local products

Once again we give you our welcome!
and Nicola

Friday, 27 January 2012

Latteria Maloja di Durietta Buzzetti e gli Oli Extra Vergine di Oliva "Masseria Don Vincenzo" della Tenuta Zimarino di Vasto

Products not only of the Bergell: Chestnut cakes and pasta, yoghurt, fresh milk and cheese from the mountains, homemade jams, handmade porcelain .. and Extra Virgin Olive Oils High Quality "Masseria Don Vincenzo" the Tenuta Zimarino.
Prodotti non solo della Bregaglia: torte e pasta di castagne, jogurt, latte fresco e formaggio di montagna, marmellate fatte in casa, porcellana di produzione artigianale..e gli Oli Extra Vergine di Oliva di alta qualità "Masseria Don Vincenzo" della Tenuta Zimarino.

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Sunday, 8 January 2012

FOOD SAFETY. Maximum safety in Extra Virgin Olive Oil “Masseria Don Vincenzo”

Maximum safety in Extra Virgin Olive Oil “Masseria Don Vincenzo”

The control on residues of plant protection products (also known as pesticides or pesticides) in food is one of the most important health priorities in food security, and is aimed at ensuring a high level of consumer protection.
That's why we select the most important quality parameters in order to further ensure:
  • quality (acidity, peroxide number, spectrophotometric indices,1,2-diglycerides, polyphenols, sensory analysis)
  • authenticity (wax)
  • security (phosphorus pesticides, benzo (a) pyrene)

    The Extra Virgin Olive Oil brand "Masseria Don Vincenzo":
  • "Don Vincenzo"  Colline Teatine Vastese DOP
  • "Costa dei Trabocchi" single variety of Gentile di Chieti
  • "Per Liliana" single variety of Ascolana tender
    were examined and the Test Report N° 20110922 “Per Liliana”, N° 20110923 “Costa dei Trabocchi” and N° 20110924 “Don Vincenzo” the detection of residues of pesticides was NEGATIVE!

Thursday, 5 January 2012

At the Gourmet Restaurant Orsini, Schweizerhaus Hotel, You can find Oils "Masseria Don Vincenzo" of Tenuta Zimarino

Mehr als 125 Jahre hat das Hotel Schweizerhaus bereits auf dem Buckel und ist noch immer voll im Schuss! Die Faszination, das Althergebrachte zu hegen und zu pflegen und anderseits den Zeitgeist einzubringen und beides zu kombinieren, ist unsere tägliche Herausforderung.

Presso il Ristorante gourmet Orsini, dell'Hotel Schweizerhaus , gli ospiti, sono viziati con la cucina per buongustai. Che sia una Chateaubriand cotta a regola d'arte o una trota alla mugnaia o qualcos'altro dalla carta delle specialitá in continua evoluzione.
Nella Stübli stile Engadinese, vengono servite le specialitá dei grigioni. Questa Stübli, é particolarmente apprezzata per il suo ambiente e da tempo è conosciuta dagli estimatori delle svariate fondute di formaggio, raclette e fondute con Olio Extra Vergine di Oliva "Masseria Don Vincenzo", della Tenuta Zimarino di Vasto, Abruzzi.
The Engadiner Stübli at Hotel Schweizerhaus is highly recommended for a cozy fondue evening in a rustic atmosphere. Fondue and traditional regional specialities nella "Stüva" which has hardly changed in almost 100 years and where guests lose all sense of time and place. Those preferring a more modern touch, can choose from the international menu in the "elegant Restaurant Orsini" where the Extra Virgin Olive Oils "Masseria Don Vincenzo", of Tenuta Zimarino, are at home. The delicious food is served right off the charcoal grill on the spacious sunny terrace. A variety of fine food to suit all tastes and budgets in a location combining tradition with modern hospitality.
At the Gourmet Restaurant Orsini, Schweizerhaus Hotel, guests are pampered with gourmet cuisine. Whether it's a Chateaubriand cooked to perfection, or a trout meunière or something from the paper of changing specialties.
In Stübli Engadine style, Grisons specialties are served. This Stübli is particularly appreciated for its environment and has long been known by fans of various cheese fondues, raclette and fondue with Extra Virgin Olive Oil "Masseria Don Vincenzo," the estate Zimarino of Vasto, Abruzzi.