Welcome you dear Consumer!


You are on the biodynamic farm, organic, Zimarino Estate, on the Trabocchi Coast, the Natural Park of Punta Aderci!
Consuming a high - quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil is also crucial and especially for our health and that of our children.
A scented oil, bitter and spicy is richer in poly-phenols antioxidants and therefore always preferable to inexpressive or even defective oils.

Here you can enjoy most of all:

. almost unreal silence, which allows total relaxation
. contact with the gentle countryside of Abruzzi, in the beauty of all seasons
. pure nature, undisturbed wildlife that wanders in the olive groves and ... then, in the area:
. small villages set in green
. art and culture in every country in this area offers museums, palaces and beautiful churches, not to mention the archaeological sites
. fine dining restaurants and local products

Once again we give you our welcome!
and Nicola

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Gli ultra-premium EVOO "Masseria Don Vincenzo" della Tenuta Zimarino hanno trovato casa anche all'Hotel Eden Roc Marina di Ascona

Ascona, located on the "Bay to the north of the Mediterranean" is a destination for artists, tourists and art lovers from around the world and here, among lush vegetation, lies the HOTEL EDEN ROC MARINA, with his Executive Chef Salvatore Frequente. In this hotel, offers rooms and luxury suites, food of the highest level, quiet, a private beach with a jetty to the scenic Lake Maggiore and the ultra-premium EVOO "Masseria Don Vincenzo" of Tenuta Zimarino from Vasto.
Ascona, situata sulla “baia più a nord del Mediterraneo” è meta di artisti, turisti ed amanti dell'arte di tutto il mondo e qui, tra una vegetazione lussureggiante, si trova l' HOTEL EDEN ROC MARINA ed il suo Executive Chef Salvatore Frequente. In questo Hotel, troverete camere e suite di lusso, gastronomia di elevatissimo livello, calma paradisiaca, spiaggia privata con pontile panoramico al Lago Maggiore e gli ultra-premium Oli Extra Vergine di Oliva “Masseria Don Vincenzo” della Tenuta Zimarino.

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Ultra-premium EVOO "Masseria Don Vincenzo" of Tenuta Zimarino

It is rich in oleic acid, vitamin E and phenolic compounds. Its regular use helps to keep the body healthy.With its savory and grassy notes, with its delicate taste, with its bitter tips and the spicy balance is a real "lubricant" for your body!

"Fiore di brisaola e fragole" e "Don Vincenzo, Colline Teatine Vastese DOP"

Bruna Cipriani di "Tentazioni di gusto" adopera il nostro <"Don Vincenzo" Colline Teatine Vastese DOP> per il suo <Fiore di brisaola e fragole>. Complimenti Bruna!

Tentazioni di gusto: Fiore di bresaola e fragole: Dovrò ormai rassegnarmi a chiamarla bresaola invece che Brisaola come l'abbiamo da sempre chiamata qui dove è nata? Ma vi pare possibile c...

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Ultra-premium EVOO "Costa dei Trabocchi", of Tenuta Zimarino landed in Saudi Arabia!

Mr. Hikmat O. F. Msallati: Thank you Mr. Zimarino for a this state of the art olive oil in terms of eexceptional aroma, flavor . LOove it !!

Saturday, 5 May 2012


Tenuta Zimarino, with great pride, claims to provide its Customers with EVOOs, one of the best ultra-premium found within production facilities.
All our EVOOs, are produced from olives, high quality of its olive groves, and are cold pressed within hours of collection.
We strive with every effort to provide our customers with essential information such as the amount of polyphenols, fatty acids, oleic acid and peroxide chemistry profiles, the presence of residues of pesticides, along with the organoleptic and their intensity.
These pieces of information are essential to determine what EVOO is best suited for your application and the palate.
Furthermore, this information will really help to distinguish between our ultra-premium EVOO and other brands / grocery store, as well as other so-called "boutique" stores of olive oil.
You will be hard to find this information in your typical grocery store!

Los Angeles Extra Virgin Olive Oil Awards 2012 to Tenuta Zimarino Masseria Don Vincenzo

Friday, 4 May 2012

The EVOO "Masseria Don Vincenzo" the Tenuta Zimarino arrived at the Villa Principe Leopoldo & SPA from Lugano

The ultra-premium EVOO "Masseria Don Vincenzo" the Tenuta Zimarino not be missing among the raw materials of Executive Chef Dario RANZA