Welcome you dear Consumer!


You are on the biodynamic farm, organic, Zimarino Estate, on the Trabocchi Coast, the Natural Park of Punta Aderci!
Consuming a high - quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil is also crucial and especially for our health and that of our children.
A scented oil, bitter and spicy is richer in poly-phenols antioxidants and therefore always preferable to inexpressive or even defective oils.

Here you can enjoy most of all:

. almost unreal silence, which allows total relaxation
. contact with the gentle countryside of Abruzzi, in the beauty of all seasons
. pure nature, undisturbed wildlife that wanders in the olive groves and ... then, in the area:
. small villages set in green
. art and culture in every country in this area offers museums, palaces and beautiful churches, not to mention the archaeological sites
. fine dining restaurants and local products

Once again we give you our welcome!
and Nicola

Saturday, 11 April 2015

I BIO Zimarino - Made in Italy, Abruzzi

Only an extra virgin olive oil organic and biodynamic Demeter can be considered edible and absolutely free of traces of pesticides and other poisons.
It is not excluded that in the extra virgin olive oils, also IGP and DOP without distinction, can be poisons, normally in trace admitted, but still substantial.
An excellent extra virgin olive oil is defined by flavorings, perfumes, essential to the presence of unsaturated fatty acids, natural antioxidants, chlorophyll and vitamin E, enzymes and vitamins B and C.
It makes no sense to evaluate it in Depending on the unit cost, make more sense instead to calculate the daily cost per capita to realize that just a few cents well spent to ensure the health of the whole family or the real quality of the Restaurants.